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Keystone Pipeline

TransCanada Keystone Pipeline (http://www.transcanada.com/keystone.html)


Is this Canada’s idea to cut the United States in half with an oil pipeline or the US governments?


I don’t believe this pipeline to be a good idea.


Yes, it could cause some stability in gas prices. 

Yes, it could create a few more jobs.

Yes, it will make the US less dependent on Middle East oil.


But in the end I believe this to be a bad thing!


Why:  (Numbered in importance but not in order)


3. It will be an EASY target for terrorist!  No way could that pipeline be guarded at all times.  With this, if the pipeline gets hit, the public is still subjected to gas increases as bad news travels fast. 


2. Shows that the US is still dependent on oil and will be for a long time.  That we are not smart enough to invent a new way to create clean energy.


1. What if experts are correct about the earth being warmed by man.  This extra consumption of oil won’t help global warming!  (even though the movies end in happy ending… it doesn’t happen like that in real life)


4. There won’t be as big of push from the public to get off the use of oil.  And without the public’s push, things don’t get done fast.


The problem is… the oil is there and will be sold to anyone.  That means it will be used and burnt. 


In the long run for the Keystone Pipeline, I believe that the negatives strongly outweigh the positives.


I vote NO on the Keystone Pipeline


If you agree - please let your voice be heard too!